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Written by: Minh Phuc Nguyen | 23.08.2021


When a mother receives the greatest news in her life from a quick stick result, it is when her heart jumps at a different rate, a rate of Happiness generated from Love. Going for a scan, there is a small dot inside her.

When the fetus grows, life has truly come only when the dot grows to become a bigger dot, but it beats. This is the second greatest moment of life for the mother. For a child, a human being this means life has begun.

We are hardly aware of this, that the Heart is the start of life physically. And it grows by the love of its biological mother, and the loving energy of its father, and other close relatives. So naturally the Heart is grown by Love, and psychologically it represents Love. The Heart is the root of Life in a physical way, therefore it also means that Love is the root of Life in a mental way.

As being dragged to focus onto all distractions that happen around us everyday, we are moving away from the Root. On one hand we are moving away by negative emotions. We have forgotten the meaning of our Heart, the nature of it, and what it likes to be fed with. We keep being controlled by anger, greed, hatred and so on, and our Hearts are being fed with these negativity everyday without notice. So instead of raising it healthier, we are weakening it and damaging it everyday.

On the other hand, as we have forgotten the Heart is the root of Life, we then have forgotten the true meaning of Life. We have forgotten that we are supposed to live, to share Love to each other everyday. Love is the foundation to live on. Love is the medication to heal, and Love is the environment to build. Since then we have been treating each other badly, we have cared less, we have put ourselves forward and forgot about others. Everything we do is just to serve the need to live in the materialistic world.

It is time to be quiet. It is time to look back to reflect our true selves. It is time to look back to our Hearts, to heal it, to build it stronger as it supposed to be naturally. It is time to realise that we need to step back to follow the true nature of Life. We have been going against from it for too long. It is time to fix, time to return.

Start from each one of us, loving each oneself by feeding the Heart with love, with positive thinkings, with positive actions, with positive words. Then spread the Love to others, starting from those who are closest to you, and then further out. Step by step we will fill the Planet with Love, and everyone’s Heart will be greatly healthy. When we are healthy positively, and we are filled with Love, we make a better world

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