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Written by: MINH PHUC NGUYEN - 16.03.2020


Virus Corona is a wake up call to every single human being on this Planet of being aware of the Value of a 'Breath' that each of us takes everyday. There should be a reason for Covid 19 to attack right at people's lungs causing breath stopping, the most important factor to have a life. Imagine how we could live when we could not breathe. Breath brings us chances to do everything else. It is such obvious. However, people always forget about this most valuable thing of life. We normally think breath is certain, something too easy to get, something should not be a big deal...and let focus to other more important things...What are they without breath?
This is time for realisation of the value of every single breath we have. This is time to question ourselves of how we should use each breath in a grateful and meaningful way daily. We have poisoned ourselves by damaging our own environment, by means that have caused pollution. We have used breath in all negative arguements, all conflicts, all kinds of blames, of incidents, and all overwhelmed entertainments from within a small family, to a community, larger a country and countries to countries. Packing up all above points, we have wasted our breath for all distractions which have been created by us human. These distractions have caused our minds messy and busy, then created stress and worries, pulled us out of true reality, and finally caused us unable to control ourselves...hence we forget about our breath.

How can we solve this?
Distraction is something we have to accept in this life, we can not erase them perfectly, but we definitely can reduce them in a maximum level.
Mindfulness is the best vaccine at the moment while physical vaccine is still being made. It is a long term solution to deal with all types of crisis. Physical vaccine can not truly heal. Mindfulness can. Being mindful is a process of finding our true pure self, then enlighting the true meaning of life. Being mindful is a process of practising ourselves to a state of: having a fresh mind, accept the presence and take control of ourselves.
A fresh mind: when we have a fresh mind, we can see through a lot of things, no worries or dust blocking us.
Accept the presence: when we accept the presence, we are aware of our reality, our life at the living moment, we then treasure each moment of it, and together with the fresh mind, we realise the meaning of every day.
Take control of ourselves: this is when we win over our most dangerous enemy: self ego. Self ego will lead us to over emotion, selfish, wrongdoings and no sympathy, therefore not be our true self when we got controlled by self-ego. When we can win over it, we know what is wrong and right, we understand others, we are willing to help, then our lives become more meaningful. Our minds are at their balanced state, nothing can push and pull.
We then realise that every single thought, action, word that we create creates a type of energy. All of these help us know how to generate positive energy for each of us, and together we cover our Planet with a thicker and thicker positive layer which deserves every breath we take.
It is therefore very important to treasure every second of our breath.

Do not let us have to say 'If...' when the last breath comes
Let's together build a better environment to have a more quality breath
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