MPN + PARTNERS is a multinational architectural design practice founded in 2012 by passionate architects who have had broad range of experience working at Foster + Partners - top international architectural design practice in the world. 

With the passion of bringing Architecture to people and shaping a better world, MPN + PARTNERS aim to push architectural design beyond its current boundary in order to fulfill the need of people. The Practice is putting Quality at the top of the List and always striving to improve the way of working and delivering the Design. Instead of trying to finishing each design stage quickly to get payment, we always ask for more time to provide more options filled with analysis, strategies and solutions to explore the best solution for the Project.

Art + Architecture: We believe Architecture is an Art of crafting Emotion and a source for Compassion to rise. Our Design process reflects our Desire of bringing Architecture and Art together. We deliver a Design via an Emotional and Compassionate way. 

Engage with Client: Bringing the Client into the design process is vital to 
MPN + PARTNERS. By setting out design meeting schedule on a regular basis help the Client have a frequent update of their project. More importantly this provides opportunity to have input from the Client 's perspective. By having the Client on board, it avoids confusion and lots of changes in one go which saves time and cost for both. 

Bespoke Design: Never copy others. We always start the design process with analysis and researches together with series of studies in order to create a design that makes a Statement. With best of the world consultants collaboration at all stages that would bring uniqueness to our Project and also values to Client. 

Design Options: Design is a process, it requires a lot of studies and researches. Therefore we always work with several options at a time. Each option has its own character and concept. This helps us generate more ideas and unlock the potential of the project functionally and aesthetically.

Cost Control: Following the required budget is very important. During the design process, every stage we always provide cost control within our service. This helps Client to control their budget all the time and at the later stage we provide cost consultancy service to help our Client negotiate with Contractors.
Sustainability: From the beginning, we have pioneered a sustainable approach to design. Our target is to provide a sustainable design by analysing how facades and Buildings work with environment, how the mechanical system of the project could save energy, and how much of energy could be saved during a year then followed by annual operation cost. All of those could be done by our sustainable experts who have worked with Foster + Partners and other top architectural practices in the world using most advanced energy modelling software.

By working together creatively from the start of a project and closely with the Client, our architects and engineers combine their knowledge to devise integrated, sustainable design solutions.

Socially Responsive: We always think a project presence should not be an alien itself. It should be considered thoroughly from inside to outside and its relationship to the surrounding. We take this seriously from the start of the project to the very completion. On every project, we always put social response as important as other elements by reflecting the surrounding, creating spaces that bring people together, spaces that could be used in public.

The Practice is recognised for work in Civic and Cultural Buildings, Urban Planning, Public Infrastructure, Interior and Product Design with Innovative and Sustainable Approach.

MPN + PARTNERS: A harmony of leading knowledge