Our values

Our Scope is Different

always strive for better results in all projects, which is performed through Design process of each one. Therefore we have internally changed our design methodology as well as created a new scope for our Clients: 

Arts & Crafts: using both physical and mental tools from artists, architects, musicians to start the process. We believe these are only ways to feel and bring Emotion out for each Idea

Painting: putting more layers onto a rough sketch, idea to create a better development

Preliminary Value Engineering: This extra stage helps control the Budget for the Client even right before going into any further details. Big cost cutting will be implemented during the stage

Sculpture: beautifully craft, design each details of every corner of the project, tuning all corners to their perfection

Value Engineering: Again, another extra stage helps control the Budget at the stage where all details are clearly defined and formed. The Client can have a final views of potentials reduction to manage their expectation

Fine Arts: lifting the Sculpture onto another level of detail to become a complete art work
Performing Arts: Supervising on site, reviewing all corners of the being-built project to make sure the Design intent is being followed. This is like a stage of Construction and Architects are artists performing on stage