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How to Heal our Planet from Pandemic

How to Heal our Planet from Pandemic


Written by: MINH PHUC NGUYEN | 31.01.2021

It is hard to believe what is happening to us at the moment
It is then hard to adapt with our new situation. We all hope this crisis will stop soonest

Have we ever asked ourselves what the real purpose of our lives in this world?
Have we ever asked ourselves that why the world has been structured like it has been since we were born? 
And since Corona outbreak,
Have we ever asked ourselves why it has happened?
Asked ourselves how we are going to tackle with it? 
We indeed, must exist for a reason. We indeed, live in a world that we need to adapt, and we indeed have no idea why the pandemic has happened the way it is. 

Let fly outside and look back to our Planet:
We see a beautiful sphere in which:
Each of us is acting as a particle that forms this Planet as a whole. Therefore every move we make, every action we create, every thought we shed, and every word we say would make an impact on the Planet under a form of energy. 
This tells us that we have direct impact on our Planet, our environment. We make changes everyday. Positive changes and negative changes

During this crisis time, the Planet must need to be healed. It cannot heal itself if we do not heal ourselves. It is time to be mindful, as mindfulness will help us look back into our inner selves, to heal it.

We should stop feeding our inner selves with full of distractions, gabages from the external world. They needs to stay in a meditated state to help us balance in life, to gain deeper insights, then wisdom will come to guide us in this life with positivity. Then The Earth will be covered by the positivity that we have created, it is then HEALED...
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