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Published: 26/06/2019

Architecture is about crafting People’s Emotion. This Emotion should be precious, original and profound impression. However the word ‘Impression’ has been recently used in a very easy way. People tend to say ‘I am impressed’ easily on the surface or to encourage the listener rather than to really feel deep down. This is dangerous for Architecture. This harms Architecture in every way. It leads to a trend of commercial Architecture in Contemporary era.
A lot of architectural design companies are now choosing this way to promote themselves. A Commercial way is the way that leads to Profit quickest. It is the way that save time for Architect to explore, to study in a proper way. It is the way of taking ideas from other existing projects and transform it into the Design. It is sad, but true, our current architect generation is aggressively applying this way to make money from Architecture. It is sad but true that Clients are not fully aware of what is the proper way to make their projects original and that these commercial ways are directing their understanding toward a wrong approach.
Inpiration should be taken from nature, from a lot of analyses of local aspects such as: music, pattern, color, food, daily life, culture, history, climate, etc. An architect should not say that he/she inspires from a particular existing project as that project will have a different location leading to different local aspects, different climate condition, orientation, etc. When we look at references of existing famous buildings, projects, our subconscious minds will always stick with those images then the Design will be ‘copy – paste’. Therefore the local aspects, local conditions should be the starting points to look at, should be the basis for our inspiration to grow. The Design will then be shaped naturally, purely from the site conditions. The character of the project then will reflect the Client’s expectation, and the local images. The Project then becomes part of the society, not an Alien within the community.
The approach an Architect uses to lead the project will affect the Client’s understanding about the Design process. The commercial way therefore will lead to a wrong understanding that Architecture is to copy bits and pieces from other projects and transform into the Design. This also a bad example for young architect generations to learn from and will generate a lazy-minded for all.
Let’s truly design to make each design original to inspire others and future generation to come.
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