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The way we work

I. Our Design Core value

Our Core Value is QUALITY in Design. Therefore, we have formed a Different Design process to achieve the Design Quality that is needed to create a Work of Art for our Client which leaves a Legacy in life

II. How we do it

Applying MINDFULNESS as a start to keep our mind fresh to seek for original idea for every project, we are thriving to reflect our Clients, local communities into the idea crafting process to truly deliver a crafted idea which is only fit for the location, the specific client it belongs to. We DO NOT LOOK FOR REFERENCE IMAGES

After having crafted an Original idea, to push the project to a breakthrough level, we apply EMPTINESS into the idea development process, putting ourselves into what the crowd think and do then go opposite to create BREAKTHROUGH

III. How Emotion + Creativity are created

During the Design process, we combine architect’s conventional ways with artists’ ways to seek for Creativity and Emotion for each project

IV. How we change our scope 

We change our scope to reflect our Breakthrough Design method. The name of each stage elaborates how we carry out the design accordingly

V. Our Design Philosophy

We define clearly who are we creating a Work of Art for