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Luong Son sustainable house 2

The project aims to solve several problems in construction as well as sheltering conditions in tropical climate countries. The new self-loading material could help save time for construction massively and annual energy consumption significantly. 

The House consists of a Conference room for 50 people to host sustainable living seminars and research session with two Dorms for long-stay guests and an en-suite zone for the owner. 

The design breaks two blocks apart to create more views and different effects. The conference room is cladded with corrugated metal panels to emphasise the commercial function whilst the living block is cladded with bamboo slices in order to be integrated with surrounding landscape. The roof of the conference room then becomes an amazing viewing deck.
Project size: 200 sqm
Start date 01/05/2015
Budget: $250,000
Location: Luong Son, Hoa Binh, Vietnam
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