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Sao Thai Duong

A great opportunity to explore a Herbal Medicine company who wishes to improve the Company's image through Architectural Design. A Building that should appear like a crystal with strong statement within the community as well as from the skyline. 

M Architects took the Brief with strong excitment to create an iconic Building for Sao Thai Duong with amazing working spaces and also create an attractive public space for the local community. Several options were introduced with completely different stories sharing one common Sustainable and Innovative Technology apporach. The two shown ones are the most favourite chosen by the Client. The diagrams were part of the design process explaining how spaces and facades were shaped up.

The Building will host a Gallery to introduce Oriental Methodology and Remedy to the world, and consist of Conference Hall, Offices, Laboratories for researches.
Project size: 15,000 sqm
Start date 01/02/2015
Budget: $10,000,000
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
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